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Why Women Are So Passive-Aggressive

Don’t ask me why, but lately (longly) I’ve been thinking about passive aggressiveness and why it is such a pervasive “technique,” if you will, embraced by so many women in dealing with problems.   I think I’ve got a longer post coming on this topic but, for now, check out this article on Science Daily.com and this associated Wikipedia entry.

As a mother to one girl, I so do not want to encourage this trait in my daughter.  How to fight it…how to fight it…how to fight it…

Thoughts? Additions? Comments?



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The Evolution of Human Childbirth

Check out this well-written article on Science Daily.com about the evolution of human childbirth.

Don’t be turned off by that introduction…it’s really a very interesting article that quotes University of Delaware professor and paleoanthropologist Karen Rosenberg.  The article discusses how childbirth changed when humans became bipedal (walking on two vs four legs) by changing the diameters of the pelvis.  The article also highlights why it is so important for women to be attended by significantly supportive people–particularly other women–during their passage through labor and birth (enter the role of the modern-day doula).  Lastly, the article touches on the topic that is so near and dear to my heart: women going on to support each other in their endeavors through motherhood.

Read the article.  Chew on it.  Let me know what you think…


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