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More Research that Supports the Practice of Breastfeeding

If someone walked up to you and offered you and/or your children a pill, a regimen, a diet plan or a set of practices that would guarantee to significantly lower your risk of…

heart disease
high blood pressure
high cholesterol
food allergies
breast and ovarian cancer

…wouldn’t you sign up?

Well, guess what folks,  that regimen exists.  It always has.  It’s called: breastfeeding.

Maybe you’re done with the phase of your life that could include breastfeeding.  Maybe you happily breastfed your child(ren) for months or years, or maybe you didn’t breast feed at all.  Perhaps you know someone who is the mother of an infant or young child, or maybe a woman who is about to become a mom.

If you fit into any of the categories above, check out this article on BBC News regarding the expanded number of benefits breastfeeding provides mom and baby.  Even if this info does not apply to you, please consider passing this post/article along.

Boy, doesn’t Mother Nature (God) know how to get things right?  Just imagine the number of breastfeeding benefits we, in our finite minds, have yet to discover…


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