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‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

This past weekend was a “barn burner,” as my native Montanan husband would say.

Our six-year-old daughter was in her first “professional” dance performance this weekend–The Big Sky Dance Ensemble’s ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.  Compiled from ballet, hip hop, modern, tap, African, Irish dancing and more, this show tells the story of Santa traveling the world to bring a series of special gifts to a little Montanan girl named Taylor and her family–stacking dolls from Russia, a four leaf clover from Ireland, a bottle of the Northern Lights from, well, you know…and more.

For two months, we’ve been taking Ellie to Saturday morning rehearsals–some of them upwards of four hours long.  This past Friday, following her last day of school (a series of emotional good-byes…we’re now less than two weeks away from moving to San Fran, baby!) she had dress rehearsal.  Then again on Saturday morning (after nearly spraining her ankle wearing a plastic pair of princess high-heeled shoes!).

At 1:30 our out-of-town family visitors arrived to watch their grand daughter/niece/cousin perform.

By 2 o’clock Saturday afternoon it was show time.  Minus a few scene change issues  (Santa couldn’t get his sleigh off the stage at the end of Act I), from the audience’s perspective the show went off without a hitch.

Despite our three-year-old son getting his foot caught in the folding auditorium seat and two painfully long all-women barber shop style singing pieces, fun was had by all…and then the Hull clan retired to our home for pre-Christmas dinner and drinks and chaotic gift opening.  (During the adult gift exchange, my dear husband, Andrew , ended up with a howling, robotic leg-humping stuffed chihuahua named Humphrey.  Ahhh, the holidays!)

Sunday afternoon brought with it the final ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas performance, and our little hip hop dancing, miniature Rockette kicking daughter danced her heart out one more time.  I’m fairly sure she enjoyed the pre-show hair fixing and make-up applying every bit as much as being on stage.  Nonetheless, always the drama queen, for now, she’s found her niche.

This morning, wondering what other renditions of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas exist out there, I searched YouTube for the very same title.  Anyone old enough to remember TV programming from the ’50s and ’60s might remember the little diddy.  Enjoy.


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