Montana Morning

driving into town today from our cattle range subdivision
along the ten-mile stretch I could drive in my sleep,
packed snow and ice rumbling beneath meaty tires,
sun slipping through a menagerie of receding clouds,
Bridger Mountains secreting out from beneath the remnant skirts
of yesterday’s snow storm,
light reflecting crystalline blue on the blanketed ground,
I tell myself yet again:
how lucky we are to have chosen this place to call home.



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2 responses to “Montana Morning

  1. Beautiful passage, K. I’m picturing Montana with a smile!

    Funny, one of my newest crit partners is a travel writer with ties to Montana. I had a reference in my latest pages that connected Montana to this fictional cult one of the characters mentions and my crit partner Lynn said, “No. You can’t make Montana a criminal.” HA! She’s right. It’s too beautiful for that.

  2. Truth be told…you wouldn’t be that far off. There are/have been plenty of interesting cults and other off the grid survivalists in this state! Google “Church Universal Triumphant,” for example.

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