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Back in the Saddle Again

We moved back home to Montana two months ago.  It has been an amazing home-coming after what now feels like an extended vacation in the SF Bay area.  Our kids are settled into school.  Boxes are unpacked.  Life feels normal again.

But for me, a huge part of life in Bozeman involved my role as a childbirth educator, and Director of my childbirth education program, Pregnancy to Parenthood, LLC.  Since returning home, I’ve had tons of folks ask me if I’m going to start teaching again.

Last night, I had the chance to get back in the saddle again.

My neighbor owns a chic couture baby supply store in town and she’s working on developing a program of bringing various  baby-pregnancy-postpartum classes into her store in a kind of a meet & greet fashion.  Last night’s class was to be on breastfeeding basics and guess who got to run the class?

Boy, do I miss teaching.

With well over twenty interested, motivated, expectant or new moms in the audience, we had a great two-hour class during which we covered everything from how does a new mom continue to nurture her body after baby’s birth and during the breastfeeding time period, to the physiology of breast milk production and let down, to latch-on pitfalls and proper methods…breastfeeding baby positions…products a nursing mom does and doesn’t likely need…warning signs of problems to watch out for and, yes, the legal rights of breastfeeding moms.


Community health education at its’ best, this was a free class delivered to people who had a vested interest in the topic during and after which they could mingle, ask extra questions, and share their thoughts/feelings about this important time in their lives.  I was happy to be apart of a fun evening, and so glad to be putting my teaching skills to use again!



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