California’s Writer’s Club – Peninsula Chapter

At my first ever CWC-Peninsula meeting, surrounded by 40 other writers, listening to a discussion with Teresa LeYung Ryan talk about the importance of blogging, websites, etc. for authors and how to improve traffic flow to our sites via meta tags.  Curious to see which members of this group will happen upon this post after learning about these topics!

(more later for regular readers…yes, I’m in San Francisco now…settled in w/ family in the new digs…establishing a new lifestyle)


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4 responses to “California’s Writer’s Club – Peninsula Chapter

  1. I’m glad you are gathering a local writing community, Kimmelin. They will be as happy to have met you as I am (well almost)!

  2. Hi, Kimmelin,

    What an amazing blog and websites you have! YOU are amazing! A newcomer to California, a mother of three, an author, an educator, and you’ve already joined California Writers Club.

    Thank you so much for attending my presentation at CWC on January 16, 2010; and for commenting on my blog.

    I’ll be linking your URLs to my resource page.

    Happy Writing! Happy Name Building!

    Coach Teresa
    Teresa LeYung Ryan

    Invite Coach Teresa to conduct “Major League Tryouts to Build Your Names” at your writers’ club or group.

    Build Your Name, Beat the Game: Be Happily Published is available on

    Form a study-group, split the cost and hire Coach Teresa to:

    * coach you in name-building to attract the right agent or publisher or more fans
    * guide you in designing and growing your blog (to showcase your expertise and experiences)
    * show you computer-navigating shortcuts and how to easily “find stuff” on the World Wide Web

  3. Thank you for visiting, Teresa. I’m glad to have found the CWC-Peninsula right away after our move. Now, I’m looking forward to attending the San Francisco Writer’s Conference this coming week with the Larsen/Pomada team!

  4. I am so glad we met. This is a fantastic blog.

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