Social Media: A Rekindling of Memories and Friendships

Ah, the wonders of social media!  If you haven’t gotten yourself onto Facebook, or linked in through Linked In, you’re well behind the times, ma’am.

I have to admit: I was fairly skeptical about the whole social networking craze when my oh-so techy husband (I say this with affection and admiration) started prompting me to create accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and more.  In the interest of promoting myself as a writer, I finally relinquished.

While I have had some decent runs at posting tweets and submitting “What’s on your mind” tidbits… I wouldn’t call myself “addicted” like so many I know.

Still, I have had the chance to reconnect with some old, beloved friends, and to stay connected with new friends and colleagues.  My favorite social media moment thus far?  It happened this morning at 4:35am when I (again) couldn’t sleep:  I remembered a song shared between two teenage friends.

Picture it:  Junior high school drama class.  Two teen girls passing the time before the bell rings hailing another passing period.  A friend of mine, a new friend at the time (she’d just moved from Nebraska to suburban Seattle) was an AMAZING singer, even at the ripe old age of fifteen.  For some reason (was it in a movie score?  Had a re-worked version been popularized on modern radio airwaves?) Elvis Presley’s Falling in Love With You had become a mutually favorite song between us.  At my completely puritanical request, this friend would sing the song to me over and over again–lulling me into the understand of how enriching love, friendship and music could be.  This moment reenacted itself for several months, and then faded into the memory bank as teenage life rolled on.

Last month, via the wonders of Facebook, this friendship, this memory, this song reemerged from the catacombs of my mind.  For me, this song is about loving relationships shared by friends.  It is about nurturing and submission to a higher purpose:  communion with others through true friendship and trust.

That friend of mine?  She has gone on to become a professional musician and a damned good one.  She also makes documentary films and is an expert on folklore.  I wouldn’t have known these things, had it not been for social media.  Hhhmmm…I guess it can play a valuable role, after all.

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  1. I’ve made some great business connections on twitter and personal connections on Facebook. I have to admit, I love this whole social media craze 🙂

    See you on FB!


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