Seasonal and Life Transitions

I know, I know:  it’s been darned near a month since my last entry.  I’ve been silent.  Incognito.  Incommunicado.  A blogosphere ghost.  But, I feel secure claiming that “it’s all been for good reason.”

In the past month I have:

– driven 1,400+ miles round trip to and from Portland, OR for the esteemed Tin House Writer’s Workshop at Reed College (more on Tin House later).
– Researched preschools for our two boys
– Hauled our kids around to doctor and therapy appointments
-cleaned out our entire basement, craft room and the Black Hole of a space otherwise called Our Daughter’s Bedroom where she regularly squirrels away every conceivable (and inconceivable) household item in bags, boxes, desk drawers and the depths of her closet floor.
-Attended a family reunion in honor of a recently deceased family member
-Researched the next HUGE phase of my adult life.

So, in short, I’ve been a little busy.

Now, with summer break winding down and the start of school looming, I’m looking forward to that which is soon to come in fall schedules and school commitments, all the while relishing the best time of year to live in Montana.  I anticipate having three half days a week this coming school year, during which I can totally and entirely devote to writing/career stuff…perahps alleviating a few of the late nights and long Saturday morning coffee shop stints that have fueled my writing over the past three years.

And you, dear reader?  What will you be doing to close out the summer and prepare for fall?

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