Independence Day, Queries, Characters and Political Protests

Happy Fourth of July to all!

Sitting here, in my favorite Bozeman coffee shop (I wish it was as entertaining a place as Windy Lynn Harris’ Backstory Cafe) I’m easing into a morning of work  which will include: querying one new agent, beginning a query letter to a national parenting magazine regarding the results of this childbirth/breastfeeding practices survey (haven’t taken the survey yet?  Want to add your two cents?  Follow the link!) tending to the characters in my newly underway novel and, yes, hotly anticipating the back-to-back protest marches that are scheduled for Bozeman’s Main Street later this morning.

The line up?

1.  The Boston Tea Party–a group reportedly into protesting taxation of any and all forms.  (Apparently they don’t value streets without potholes, school classrooms with up-to-date text books and medical services for those who can’t afford them)

2.  Green Gay Loggers for Jesus–a group full of double entendres and ironies planning to protest the Boston Tea Party protest.

Who knew Bozeman was a political hot bed?

With my handy-dandy new LG Dare cell phone, complete with the first-ever mobile phone camera I have owned, I’ll be sure to capture a few images for y’all and share details in a follow-up post.

Now, off to work.


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  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Kimmelin! Come by and have a cup of coffee with me anytime 🙂

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