Birth/Breastfeeding Survey Update

Wowy-wow-wow!  We’re on a roll!

With now almost 100 responses to this survey, about medical interventions during childbirth and breastfeeding practices, the thing is finally going viral!  (Andrew, are you proud of me for using this techy term?)

Rather than list off all the locales we now have represtened, I’ll do the opposite:

Out of the fifty United States, plus territories, there are only 19 16 states left unaccounted for:

Hawaii (come on, folks.  I’m part Hawaiian!  Make me proud here!)
New Hampshire (someone from the Kerry family?  Anyone?)
New York
North Dakota
Northern Marianas islands
Puerto Rico
Rhode Island
South Dakota

After scanning the list, think very carefully:  do you know one single woman who’s given birth in the past five years who lives in one of these states?  Do you know more?  I want every state to have the chance of being represented in this survey.

This survey is about having a voice.  It is about tracking how we’re doing and what we are doing as the current childbearing generation.  How are we doing?  What are we doing?  Have you taken the time to browse other people’s responses?
What are you seeing?

I am certainly noticing a variety of trends in the responses but I will leave my complete analysis to another day.  But you know what I think is utterly and totally cool?  All sorts of birthing women are represeted here:  hospital birthers and home  birthers.  Water birthers and…um…dry birthers (is that an appropriate term?).  Women who experienced a bunch of medical interventions and women who had none are equally present here.  As are those somewhere in between.

While almost all of the responses are from women with some amount of breastfeeding experience–that number varies widely too. (Note:  women who did/have not breastfed their chil(ren) need not feel excluded from taking this survey.  Your input is valuable to me too!)

So thank you all for the gift of your time, consideration and answers.  Keep up the good work.  Keep spreading the news on this survey.  Keep thinking about the associations suggested in the questions contained in the survey.  What patterns do you see?


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