On Fathers and City Underwear Ordinances

Did you get wind of this story out of Brokksville, FL?  Apparently, there must have been a problem with city workers showing up for work with foul language on their clothes, an excess of piercings and…yes…an absence of underwear.  Resultantly, the city passed an ordinance that “prohibits exposed underwear, clothing with foul language, ‘sexually provocative’ clothes and piercings anywhere except the ears.”  It also outlines personal hygiene practices like the regular use of deodorant.  Apparently, repeat offenders can be fired if unable (unwilling) to abide by the recently passed rules.

My question?  Is it really the role of government (even on the local level) to dictate whether or not people wear underwear to work?  How much of a problem was occurring that prompted this action?

In more uplifting news, President Obama delivered an address to a group of teenagers and community leaders on Friday at the White House, regarding the importance of fathers in the lives of children–initiating a country-wide discussion on a topic that is near and dear to his heart.

As we all know from discussions and platforms that circulated during the election, Obama was raised by a single mother, his father having deserted his family when he was two.

I’m glad to see the Commander in Chief using his public position to bring this important issue into the spot light.

I am ever-so-thankful to have grown up in a household with two parents present, and am exponentially more thankful that my children will have that same opportunity.  Good job to Obama for caring about this issue amongst all the other issues he is faced with on a daily basis.

Happy Father’s Day (tomorrow) to all the daddies out there…

(And to the city workers in Brooksville, FL…happy underwear wearing!)


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