There is a Time For Everything

Do you ever feel like your body just works better…or worse…at certain times of the day?  Do you find yourself warm in the morning, cold in the afternoon, or altogether different right before and during your period?  Have you ever been faced with the question of when you’d like to schedule surgery, a root canal, or how to redesign your daily schedule to include regular exercise, but felt at a loss for coming up with what feels like a good answer?

This Redbook magazine article, featured on, answers those questions and more.  Turns out, because of hormonal fluctuations, our bodies tend to perform better…and worse…at different tasks, depending on the time of day/night.

The article, The Best Time of Day to Exercise, Take Vitamins, and More Health Moves, addresses additional topics like: when to schedule doctors appointments, when to weigh yourself, when (and why) to drink a glass of cranberry juice and how to take the best advantage of the different segments of your menstrual cycle.

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