IVF, Sextuplets, Rampant Opinions

Surprise, surprise…even the UK deals with fertility issues in the media like we do.

Check out this story about sextuplets (reportedly conceived withoutthe aid of IVF) born at 28 weeks in a Belfast, Ireland, hospital.

And, for a great sense of the debate going on in the UK about IVF, check out this“round up” of opinions expressed through blogs and on-line communities.

I am thankful to never have had the need/desire to engage in the whole IVF process.  If you’ve read my book you’ll know that for Andrew and I, our story was quite the opposite.  I’ve had several friends go through IVF for their desperately-wanted children and, having watched the physical and emotional rollercoaster that accompanies such a process, and I sure can understand the basis for the debate on a number of levels.

First of all, I have to say, as a part of my own belief system,  I think there is a greater plan out there–call it God’s Will, the force of the Universe, the alignment of the Cosmos…however you wish to label it.  In my belief system, things happen (and sometimes don’t happen) for a reason…but that reason can sometimes be impossible to understand when in the thick of things.

For example:  could it be possible that some couples are unable to conceive their own biological child because the Cosmos–God–Allah–whatever–recognizes the need for parentless children to be adopted?  Or does the delay of children entering a family allow for other unresolved issues to be addressed first?  Is it possible that heartbreak, devastation and remorse in one chapter of a person’s life ultimately builds strength, perseverance and wisdom…better preparing them for the joy, success, and triumph that will come in another phase of life?

Thus defines the slippery slope of medically-aided conception:  how does one determine which scenarios represent a person/couple/family who are going against the grain of destiny, and which child-seeking people are going through that very same process because they were meant to?  Can we argue that the science of IVF is a God-given knowledge base that was meant to be integrated into humanity’s perpetuity?  Or is it the final example of “playing God” that just can’t be acceted/tolerated?

I don’t pretend to know the answers to these questions.  I am not cavelier about the ease my husband and I had in conceiving our three children.  Nor am I insensitive to those couples/individuals who struggle for years to conceive just one child.  Ijust know there continues to be a huge, world-wide debate about these issues.

What are your thoughts/opinions/experiences?


*thanks to milkuk for bringing these articles to light through her tweets at twitter.com/milkuk

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One response to “IVF, Sextuplets, Rampant Opinions

  1. Shelly

    And then there are low life’s like Jon & Kate + 8 who have no business having eight children through the help of fertility drugs. Now they have sold their souls to TV and wonder why their marriage is falling apart. At least their family destruction makes for good TV ratings….

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