Food Inc.: The Next Shocking Documentary to Hit American Movie Theaters

Friday morning, while driving into yet another day at the Dinosaur Playground build site (more on that later) I listened to a fascinating interview between NPR’s Steve Inskeep of Morning Edition and the director, Robert Kenner of the new documentary film, Food Inc., along with food advoate and author Michael Pollen.

This story caught my attention because it reflected the exact conversation I had with a friend two days prior, regarding the food being pumped into our food supply that is so chalk-full of chemicals, steroids and hormones that we are: 1) affraid to think of what these artificial additives are doing to the bodies of our children and 2) spending more and more money each week at the grocery store in effort to mitigate the negative effect of our food supply by purchasing more and more organics.

My charge to you:
Read or listen to the interview.  Contemplate what you’re buying at the grocery store.  See the film when it comes to your community.  Talk with others about this issue.  Consider writing to your local or state congressperson about this issue.

Mass-produced food effects us all…our children, especially.  An example of this is the gradually declining age of when girls hit menarche–the first time they have a menstrual period. Sine the mid 70’s, girls, on average, in the U.S. are starting their periods a year and a half earlier–the average age of menarche now being 12 1/2.  Think the hormones, steroids and other junk going into our food supply does effect you and your family?

Think again.


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One response to “Food Inc.: The Next Shocking Documentary to Hit American Movie Theaters

  1. hi there, I just wrote my summer newsletter on this topic, included my fave books including one of michael pollan’s:
    can’t wait to see this movie…

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