A Poem for Daddy

Well after 10pm on Tuesday night, I came home from teaching Lamaze class to a quiet household.  Kids were asleep.  Andrew who, truthfully could have used the sleep, was still up, pounding away at his computer, finishing off a few items from his eternal work-related To Do list.

As I’m apt to do, upon setting down my computer bag, I visually swept over the household, inventorying the level of cleanliness and what would need to be tended to the next morning.

That’s when I saw it:  the poem our six-year-old daughter wrote for her daddy. ~

                                                         I love you Dad.

                                                         If you could be love.

                                                         Daddy, would you be mine?


Now, if that doesn’t melt your heart…



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3 responses to “A Poem for Daddy

  1. Yes it DID! I taped it right over my coffee maker so I start my day off right!

  2. That is absolutely precious. My heart is melting and it wasn’t even addressed to me.

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