Why Women Are So Passive-Aggressive

Don’t ask me why, but lately (longly) I’ve been thinking about passive aggressiveness and why it is such a pervasive “technique,” if you will, embraced by so many women in dealing with problems.   I think I’ve got a longer post coming on this topic but, for now, check out this article on Science Daily.com and this associated Wikipedia entry.

As a mother to one girl, I so do not want to encourage this trait in my daughter.  How to fight it…how to fight it…how to fight it…

Thoughts? Additions? Comments?



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4 responses to “Why Women Are So Passive-Aggressive

  1. Shelly


    What are your thoughts on the swine flu situation? Should we keep our kids home from school at this point?

  2. Hi Kimmelin,
    Although Passive aggressive (PA) is a behavior that is more commonly associated with men.. you post is pointing that it’s also a women thing too. It’s not a surprise, but I wonder in witch ways women act as PA.
    Neil Warner

  3. Elizabeth

    Interesting thought:
    Passive agressive behavior manifests because a person is not allowing themselves to be who they really are. The person who is passive aggressive is probably a fairly outgoing, aggressive person but has been fed a lie: that lie is that people should be “nice” and self-doubting and placating. They were probably told that by their aggressive parents to keep them quiet and easy to control. Warped ’em.
    They are masking their true selves, trying to be something they’re not. The best way to avoid this as a parent is to figure out what side of the ego spectrum they’re on and then nurture that.
    Ego spectrum has two sides: high ego, low ego. Balanced is the best place to be but for a lot of us that is not possible. So the best thing to do is bring out the best traits of whichever one you have. Here’s a good article that describes high ego and low ego people.


  4. John Doe

    In a word, “responsibility”. In a few more, “women have none.”

    Our society encourages this absurd notion that women are intrinsically good. We hold this so dear that, rather than confront it, we let Casey Anthony get away with murdering her own young child. Female convicts are kept separately in low security facilities and given shorter sentences for the same crimes, generally under the impression that a man “made them do it”, or they just weren’t thinking straight. Imagine a man telling a judge he just wasn’t thinking straight or was PMSing… good luck with that defense, hahaha!

    Admission is the first step. If you want to stop being a bitch, stop blaming it on PMS or whatever. “Man up” and take responsibility for your actions which define you as a bitch. Only then can you attempt, as you bitch your way through your average day, to recognize situations where you’re acting like the bitch you are and rectify them.

    I’m the survivor of vicious systematic childhood emotional abuse at the hands of two tyrannical women who blamed me for everything rather than take responsibility for the fact they’re bitches. They’re both spinsters now, who would have guessed?

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