Breastfeeding Woes? Avoid Use of Reglan for Boosting Milk Supply

If you currently, or have ever, experienced difficulty with breastfeeding…namely a concern over milk production (which, by the way, is rarely a true problem from an anatomical standpoint) you may have come across the advice to encourage your doctor to prescribe a medication for you called Reglan (Metochlopramide) .  As cited in this article from, Reglan has been known to increase a nursing mom’s milk supply.

But, before pursuing this option, be advise of the following:

The FDA is requiring the drug manufacturer, Schwartz Pharma, to put a black box warning on the medication labels about an increased risk of tardive dys-kinesia associated with the chronic use of metoclopramide.

Not sure what tardive dyskinesia (TD) is?  It is a complex set of involuntary oral-facial-neck movements, often times irreversible once they begin (and in fact, commonly worsening over time) that is frequently a side effect of long-time (over three months) medication usage  (certain medications).  Reglan is the latest medication to be added to the list of drugs that can cause this socially devastating , syndrome.

TD used to be associated largely with the use of antipsychotic medications but if you look at the drug list above, you will see that it branches out into many other categories of medications as well.

If you’ve never seen a person with tardive dyskinesia, check out these videos:


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6 responses to “Breastfeeding Woes? Avoid Use of Reglan for Boosting Milk Supply

  1. Oak

    Although we are not medical professionals, we are recommending that people consult with their physicians about options other than Reglan since the potential for tardive dyskinesia is much higher than originally reported.


  2. Victoria

    This is really scary.. mainly because this was the first drug my doctor wanted to put me on when I was having issues with decreased milk supply. He decided to put me on this drug because my milk supply started to go down when I became stressed with work and family issues. The doctor completely lacked to tell me that this disorder could be a concern.

  3. jim jim

    The data that suggests it helps lactation is terribly weak to nonexistent.

    The complications are potentially devastating.

    This is an off-label use, not condoned buy the manufacturers, the medical literature in general.
    It is a poorly documented “suggestion” that is pervasive and terribly faddish amongst ill advised “lactation consultants”.

    Sadly there is no medication that is generally considered safe and effective for promotion or improvement of successful lactation.

    Unfortunate but simple fact.

  4. mian

    i just need some information dear i adopt a baby and i want to know is it possible my wife feed this baby. without delivery or pregnancy.

    • Nunu

      It is possible, but I’d use herbal supplements, pumping, and Supplemental Nursing Systems before using this drug. GOod luck 🙂

  5. Kimberly

    If you want to know what my lactation specialist told me to take was called Fenugreek. It is a natural herb. I lost my milk supply when my first baby was one month old. With my second I called a Lactation specialist after my OBGYN suggested to take Reglan. She said to take Fenugreek and it was about $12.00 per bottle at my local GNC or other helth food store. I am going on my 5th month of nursing and it has helped so much. DONT TAKE REGLAN!

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