Twue Twitter Confession

I swore I wouldn’t do it.  I promised my husband I would not sink so low.  I railed against the trend, describing the practice of tweeting as  “idiotic,” “pathetic,” and ” a waste of time.”  And then I became (only slightly) convinced at the Desert Nights Rising Stars Writer’s Conference that, to be a modern day writer, one has to be on Twitter.

So, much to my own chagrin, I starting tweeting.  No, not once every day.  Certainly not several times per day.  The idea of using my (still missing) cell phone to tweet about my position in the grocery store line, or the haircut I just received (OK, who am I kidding?  I get my hair cut like, twice per year) still seems asinine to me.  But, in attempt to be a more accessible writer to the (three?) readers of mine who might be interested in what I have to say between books…OK, to practice that accessibility for the day when I actually do have three readers who become interested in what I have to say between said books…I got on the bandwagon.  Mostly, I’ve tweeted about my blog posts, directing the twelve people who follow me on Twitter right back here.

But last week when I came across the video about Twitter, the one that Google happened to feature today in its Today’s Featured Videos window…I just had to highlight it here.  In a sense, this video totally and completely captures my true thoughts about Twitter (even though I hypocritically participate in the ridiculous social media trend myself).

Here it is:

Oh yeah, and P.S.:  If you’re a protective parent like me, you might not want to watch this video with young kids in attendance.  One of the characters in the cartoon ends up lying on the floor with blood shooting out of his arm.  I found myself having to explain to our four-year-old son that no, the whale in the video was not real and that whales don’t typically try to eat people.




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6 responses to “Twue Twitter Confession

  1. Shelly

    Twitter?! Is this the same woman who went off on how disconnected and pathetic people are who play that virtual world game? And now you Twitter? I don’t think everything presented at the Desert Writers workshop should be taken to heart. You were right the first time… Twitter is the ultimate social disconnect and is sad and pathetic. There is NO excuse, not even being a writer. Now go back to the mother ship and give us the real Kimmelin back!

  2. Shelly,

    Yep, I sure am the same person who went off on our disconnected culture which is why the Twitter video range so true for me. Having experimented with Twitter for the past month, I can now back up my suspicions with experience and confirm that the level of “connection” folks gain with others through Twitter is surface level, at best. (I do not, by the way, plan to test my suspicions with personal experience on Second Life…I’m still totally and completely disgusted with that whole thing. Good Lord Almighty…)

    That being said, I know several people who use Twitter alot and must leave a little room for the possibility that they may find a different/greater sense of value in the service (hobby? obsession? distraction? professional connections?) than I have overall landed upon.

    One caveate: having linked up with a couple editors/writers on Twitter, I have benefitted by following the links they “tweeted” about to excellent articles about the publishing industry…articles I may not have come across otherwise. This, I suppose, might be enough to encourage my future occasional usage of Twitter. But do I envision myself getting to the point of tweeting about every circumstantial hour of my life? Mistaking Twitter mates for true friends that I otherwise have never met? Um…no. Not in this lifetime, anyway.

  3. This video is hysterical! Yes, Twitter is NOT the place to make real friends, but I’ve had some positive networking experiences using it this month. Besides increasing traffic to my blog, I re-connected with the editor that gave me my first byline–and she is open to talking about a regular column from me. I am back in contact with a past writing teacher I admire who was just nominated for the Pushcart prize and has a novel out this year. And I liked the info from the agents who participated in “query fail.” I learned lots!

    Also, a cool thing happened last week–when I mentioned I was heading to Napa, the Meritage Resort started folling me. I sent a DM to the person, since that is where I would be staying over the weekend and she offered to upgrade our room as a “twitter courtesy.” We got the best room in the hotel with a vinyard view. Too funny.

  4. liz

    OK, I can officially say I am totally out of it…having just learned what an Amazon Kindle was on your blog to now learning what Twitter is. Networking I can see ….I’m all for it. The above mentioned ‘twitter courtesy’ sounds like my kind of deal!! But surface connections, no. My 2 emails for work and home are enough for me to handle. ALthough I did make the jump to fb recently. I turn off all the settings that tell me I have a new msg. My hubbie, on the other hand, has his new Blackberry Storm (which we appropriately call the SH_TSTORM-as it doesn’t work too well) set to ping like a submarine sonar alarm everytime he receives a fb msg,email,text,or voicemail. Please, I don’t think I could handle more pinging if he gets on Twitter.

  5. I have to say, I am so glad I don’t have a Blackberry and NEVER plan to get one. When I see those commercials on TV that show all the “apps” available on the iphone and various other fancy-smansy cell phones that apparently do everything except for wash the dishes and fold the laundry…I just shake my head. Why would I want a cell phone that can act as a level, a taxi cab scheduler or a searcher of toys for my children? I want a cell phone that I can call people with and receive a few phone calls on now and again! Good Lord, we’re making our lives far too complicated…all in the name of the Big T (technology.)

  6. ablackanimal

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    If you are tired of facebook or twitter but still want to connect with your friends then pick up the phone…

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