Beautiful, Wonderful First Day of Spring!

Wow.  We’ve lived in Montana for six years now and never, never have I experienced such a lovely first day of spring as yesterday.  At its peak, the weather warmed to almost sixty degrees…not too terribly common for this time of year in Montana.

The kids rode bikes, I trimmed back my perennials, we played golf and soccer and Frisbee.

On our visit with my parents this past week my dad, at one point, suggested he didn’t feel like people of my generation stop to smell the roses enough.

“I see how busy you and Andrew are,” he offered as evidence.

Yes, I do tend to be busy.  Who doesn’t, when raising young children?  I shuttle kids to school and speech therapy and dance class.  I steel away for a few hours of writing here and there.  I teach Lamaze classes.  But, I also spend time on the floor of my living room playing with my children.  I build castles and car garages with wooden blocks.  I paint and draw and color.  And, yesterday, I made an entire bouquet of tissue paper flowers with my daughter, in honor of the first day of spring.


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  1. And in typical Montana weather….it snows 4 inches the day after the first day of spring!

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