Life Lessons, According to Tinker Bell

We are on our sixth (seventh?) round of watching the Tinker Bell movie Andrew scored from the movie store on Friday.  Right now.  At 5:11 a.m.

You see, this past weekend our household looked kind of like the wounded ward of a military hospital:

Somehow I “blew out” my back late last week (perhaps while teaching “Pushing Positions” to my Lamaze class Thursday night…was I bearing down too hard while simulating pushing during a contraction?) and by mid day Friday, I was flat on my back on the couch while the kids milled around me in the living room.  It kind of reminded me of when I was on bed rest during my last pregnancy, which is a hazy memory I like to otherwise keep compartmentalized.

Anyway, that was just the beginning of a really weird string of events (even for the Hull family).

By mid morning on Saturday, and while Andrew was gone for a six hour Vestry retreat for our church, our 2 1/2 year old son had developed a rash that was gradually creeping over his entire body…paired with hugely swollen, painful knees.  Having been treated for Strep Throat less than two weeks before, I knew I had to get him in to the pediatrics office for testing that would either prove–or rule out–Rheumatic Fever.

Blood tests and EKG done (have you ever had to hold down a 2-year-old kid and keep him still for an EKG while ignoring the stabbing pain going down both sides of your back and butt?  Not fun, let me tell ya’) concern of Rheumatic Fever largely dispelled, we returned home and, within a few hours of hitting the Main Land, (and while delving into the 3rd viewing of Tinker Bell) our 4-year-old middle son started to complain of an earache.

Fast forward 36 hours and three more Tinker Bell viewings, and Landon has a raging ear infection that has prevented him from sleeping through the night, that is more painful than Motrin and Tylenol together can handle, and that will require another trip to the pediatrician this morning (before or after I see the sports medicine doc for my back).

As I review the events of these past three days in the Hull Family (and watch Tinker Bell for the seventh time with our two boys who are now sitting on the couch with me, sipping juice from their Sigg bottles at 5:23 a.m.) I can’t help but compare the message relayed in the movie to my reality:

We are each given our primary task in life.  Our “talent,” if you will.  And try as we might, even when the going gets tough, we must face up to that talent–that set of skills and responsibilities that God apparently designed us for–and step up to the plate and just do it.

So, for me, it’s been a six year journey of working to accept that, all along, God planned for me to excel as a mother more than anything else in life.  Even when I’m in pain and my kids are sick.  I still must rise to the occasion, just like Tinker Bell had to accept her calling as a tinker fairy, perahps a less-than-glorious role in Never Never Land, but an important role nonetheless.

So, wish me good luck this morning as I corral myself and two sick kids (afer dropping off our six-year-old daughter for kindergarten) in and out of doctors appointments and ask yourself, what is your destined talent? 

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