On Alice Sebold

On Alice Sebold

She glides into the room

like a ghost wearing sandals,

a modern-day snow white

(skin as white as snow,

ebony black hair,

blood red lips…

you get the picture.)

Her humility is palpable,

her celebrity, obvious.

Carrying a pink nylon bag

which reminds me of parachute pants

and overnight camp toiletries

she approaches the podium with a story to tell,

a story much worse than the huntsman,

the forest,

the wicked queen.

Pulling hard from her water bottle

at every turn of the page,

she recounts a story of exposure

and will

and thievery.

An hour passes and the audience is captivated, awed, silenced.

She starts to talk about her dog.

At the insinuation of bravery

she retreats, side steps, retreats.

The curtain raised, she becomes a victim, once again,

vulnerable when faced

with the will of another,

bearing the weight of admiration.

She side steps. She retreats. Curtain drawn.

(for more on Alice Sebold, go here)

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  1. great blog and very touching….here is a tool that can be used for personal inner growth also….Vision Map Videos….check them out and let me know what you think….enjoy!!!


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