Desert Nights, Rising Stars Writer’s Conference: Post #5

Well, that’s it.  My first-ever writer’s conference is over.

It was awesome.

Today ended with as big of a bang as the first day began.  After yet another wonderful series of excellent lectures and workshops, I finally had the opportunity to meet with Literary Agent Michael Bourret.  It really was lovely and, in sync with all the buzz I’d been hearing over the past four days from others who presented to Michael before me, he truly is comfortably enjoyable to talk with.

An hour after my discussion with Mr. Bourret, I had the distinct honor of listening to writer Alice Sebold (author of The Lovely Bones, Lucky and The Almost Moon) read from her second book, Lucky.  She read for an hour.  It was spectacular.


Back to the hotel, thinking I was ready to collapse into bed (however, if you notice the time stamp on this post, you will realize I am, yet again, insomnic at a ridiculous hour) I called Andrew to update him on my day.  And then, this:  the news that trumped all my news–our oldest child, our daughter, lost her first tooth!

And now, I leave you with a few favorite quotes from today’s conference proceedings, and (hopefully) bid you a good night:

From Brock Clarke, (author of An Arsonists Guide to Writer’s Homes in New England, What We Won’t Do, The Ordinary White Boy, and Carrying the Torch:  Stories) while discussing “The Autobiographical Impulse in Fictional Writing” ~

“Distort without destroying.”

“The people we love were not put here on earth to be placed in our work.”

“There’s a sickening devotion to biography in our culture.”

“You have an obligation in writing fiction not to replicate the world, but to improve it.”

“We go to books, not because they are true, but because they are after truth.”

“Fiction is an act of self criticism; self condemnation.”


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