What You Wish Your Would Have Told You About Pregnancy and Childbirth

Ok. So I usually tell my childbirth education students to seek out the positive stories relating to pregnancy and childbirth. ‘Cause, let’s face it: hearing positive stories just makes you feel better than listening to other people’s horror stories, right? And, when it comes to childbirth, 90% of moms and babies are perfectly fine during the birth process.

But, anyone reading this who has ever been pregnant, or been near and dear to a pregnant woman can relate to the fact that sometimes, the process of pregnancy and childbirth can cause a woman to feel a little bit less than lovely.

So, if you’re a Pregnancy to Parenthood student (current or former), read on with caution. For everyone else, enjoy this list of “Things You Wish Your Doctor Would Have Told You” about pregnancy/childbirth, as found on Cafe Mom. com. If nothing else, it ought to give you a good, solid laugh.

(I have to admit, I particularly enjoyed reading this list as it took me back to the process of writing my book about my own pregnancy and childbirth experiences and the indignities that sometimes go along with these monumental life experiences!)


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2 responses to “What You Wish Your Would Have Told You About Pregnancy and Childbirth

  1. A lot of those were funny! But so many of them truly did not fit with me when I was pregnant. I ate and drank while in labor (I made rice crispie treats and spaghetti, so healthy!) And labor was not near as painful as having to pee afterwards! Never grew hair in weird places and my nipples never really changed lol!

    When I was pregnant it felt like everyone had some birthing horror story and my neighbor repeatedly told me about her miscarriages and nagged me when I went on walks. I felt like punching her by the time I was ready to pop!

  2. Awesome and extremely interesting put up. Your point of see is more or less the same as main. Many thanks!

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