Innovation: The Perfectly Obvious Answer to an Unmet Need

I received a forwarded email from Andrew, my Marketing Guru husband, yesterday with this photo/text:


Insight converted into thoughtful products, good design, quality delivery is what drives business success.

The thing is with a great insight: once you see it, it was perfectly obvious. The M coat is made by Canadian Spirit.

While the design could stand to be a little more fashion-friendly let’s face it, unless you’re willing to spend, like, a million dollars on maternity clothes–these coats are retailing for about $480– you’re bound to make a few concessions when dressing for cold weather while nearing the end of your pregnancy.  (How many men have lost the coat off their own back during the winter months as their wife/partner adopt that  larger size to accommodate  her beautiful, bulging belly?)

Fashion sense aside (which, by the way, I do not nor ever have claimed to have a whole hell of a lot of) I still think the M Coat is pretty cool.  It answers an unmet need and does it quite skillfully.   It comes in eight colors. It has faux-fur detailing on the hood.

What do you think?

(That all being said and even though I love, love LOVE interacting with the pregnant couples who attend my childbirth education classes…I am very thankful I won’t be needing one of those coats anymore!)

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One response to “Innovation: The Perfectly Obvious Answer to an Unmet Need

  1. Lisa Traxler

    Hmmm…interesting. I agree it’s not the most fashionable coat on the block, but I love multi-purpose tools, items of clothing, etc.

    I really wish my new pairs of maternity jeans from the Gap had drawstrings; I’m too big for my regular pants but I guess not quite big enough for these prego pants, as they keep sliding down and I’m forced to yank them up every few minutes. It’s really attractive.

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