It’s a Man Thing

I recently responded to a HARO PR query entitled, “It’s A Man Thing.”

After responding with curiosity and intrigue to the query, I had a lovely thirty-minute telephone conversation with Lillian Caldwell--the author of the proposed book about mens’ quirks and laughable repetitive behaviors.

Caldwell, author of Sacred Honor and the forth-coming Anna Mae Mysteries is in the process of collecting stories and anecdotes from women about the humorously maddening things the men in our lives do.  As she put it in our conversation, “this book is about laughing with men…not laughing at them.”

She hopes to include stories about the male persona of all ages…how members of this half of the species exhibit gender-specific behaviors from the beginning to the very end.  I suppose it’d be easy for a woman to come up with a story about her spouse/partner (doesn’t put the lid down on the toilet…leaves bread crumbs and peanut butter & jelly smears on the counter after making a sandwich…leaves smelly socks and underwear lying around the house…) but I am personally motivated to submit a story to her about the “man things” I am already witnessing in our boys.

It has astounded me, as a mom of two young boys, how soon “men-like” behavior starts to develop in the youngest of males.  You know what I’m talking about:  fascination with ones’ own private parts, hilarity and pride over explosive farts and burps, burning through the house at mock speed while riding a stick horse or steering an over-sized Tonka truck.

I can’t wait to create my own submission for It’s a Man Thing.
What are your “It’s a Man Thing” stories?



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3 responses to “It’s a Man Thing

  1. Shelly

    Your post left me laughing. I also find my girls exhibiting the same behavior over private parts and explosive farts! And lets not forget the comedy genius of burping. Maybe its a “child thing” as opposed to a man thing. If only adults could be so care free our lives would be so much more relaxed.

    PS: FYI the correct term in relation to speed is “mach”. As the wife of a pilot I unfortunately know this little factoid.

    • Shelly,

      Ooohhh…I’m so glad to hear that! Every time I see one of our boys slapping themselves in the jewels or playing “stretchy penis” I just roll my eyes and say to myself, “it starts so early…this fascination with one’s own penis!”

  2. Shelly

    Just wait until he starts to notice girls around puberty….

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