The Effects of Smoking, According to a Four-Year-Old

I’m one of those nerdy parents who likes to create life lessons out of my daily meanderings with our kids.

Yesterday, while stopping by the local thrift store to drop off a few donations, the boys and I saw an employee of the store sitting out front (on a fork lift, nonetheless) apparently taking her smoking break.  Having explained several times before to them how bad of a choice smoking is, four-year-old Landon piped up right away.

“Mom!  That lady is cigaretting!  Why is she sitting in that thing while she’s cigaretting?”
“I don’t know why she’s sitting there, honey, but that’s not a good idea for her to be smoking, is it?”

We, of course, went on to have a discussion about the negative effects of smoking, most of which were supplied by Landon:
“…it makes your teeth yucky and yellow, and then they fall out…”

At which point I filled in a few more details:

“Yes, that’s right.  Also, your hair smells bad from the cigarette smoke, and your clothes do too.  You have to wash your clothes all the time to get the bad smell out.  But the very worst part of smoking is that a person can get a sickness inside their body called lung cancer…and that can make them die.”

Landon then did an excellent job of summarizing the conversation for us:
“Yeah, smoking is just really bad: stinky clothes…wash your clothes…stinky clothes…wash your clothes…stinky…wash…stinky…wash…DIE!”

Now, if that’s not a reason to avoid smoking, what is?  Who wants to face a life time of doing laundry constantly and then just up and dying from all that laundry?

Wow, kids have a way of making things so simple.


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2 responses to “The Effects of Smoking, According to a Four-Year-Old

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  2. The mixture of nicotine and carbon monoxide in cigarette smoke increases your heart rate and blood pressure and causes heart attack, cancer and blocked blood vessels.

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