Women’s Day

I swear…I’m not MIA!  I’m just still recovering from the holidays…and, working my a** off to finish my second book.  I’ll give ya’all a sneak peek soon.

But for now, I HAD to share this little article from the weekly children’s/family newspaper (Kidsville News – Jan. ’09) that circulates around schools and coffee shops in our area:

“In Greece, January 8 is Midwife’s Day or Women’s Day, also sometimes called Women’s Rule.  On this day men do all the housework and take care of the children, while women go out for the day, relaxing in cafes and coffee shops and playing card games.  Events during the day focus on midwives who parade through the streets on carts.  In some villages, men who are caught outside, and not home doing chores, are chased by women and drenched with a bucket of cold water!”

Perhaps our version of Women’s Day is Mother’s Day….except for the fact it kinda leaves out all women who aren’t mothers.  Perhaps we should lobby for the institution of Women’s Day in America.  With all the pork barreling that goes on in the U.S. Congress…I’m sure we could get this one added to a ticket in no time.


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2 responses to “Women’s Day

  1. Instead of once a year could it be once a week?!?

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