Mothers Are Blue Songs

The winner of the 2008 Writer’s Journal Poetry contest was Cambria Cesar of Santa Rosa, CA.
I came across Cesar’s poem, Mothers Are Blue Songs in the Nov/Dec edition of Writer’s Journal. I really enjoyed the vibrant imagery summoned by Cesar’s writing and wanted to pass it along to my readers.

Congratulations, Ms. Cesar, on your accomplishment!

Mothers Are Blue Songs

Mothers are blue songs
at twilight.
Shadowy tunes
you hear as you drift off
in sailboats
on dream-night waters
across the shore into another year.

Blossoms, Poems, Moonstones, and all things of purest blue, unclouded.

Mothers are silver juniper needles.
Silver flashes in dark corners,
steel daggers hidden in their back pockets,
cut-throat pirates
Or piranhas, if they need be.

Blossoms, Poems, Moonstones, and all things
of purest silver, serrated.

I’ve seen a mother or two,
when I’m lucky,
in the milky moonlight
floating in fawn-colored waters
pushing their young
from leafy bank to leafy bank.

Rhyming each line into lullabies.

Blossoms, Poems, Moonstones,
and all things innocent and…absolute.


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3 responses to “Mothers Are Blue Songs

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