How many of you remember this: the squirming in your seats, “oh God, here it comes,” mortal dread of getting busted by a teacher? Well, it doesn’t necessarily end with high school graduation.

Our middle son got busted in preschool yesterday. And, fortunately for me, I wasn’t on pick-up duty yesterday. Dear, dear Andrew had the misfortune of taking the wrath of the preschool teacher:

Some stretch of time into Circle Time and, I’m sure, after receiving a class-wide warning of the Health Inspectors’ annual visit to the preschool, Landon decided he was “bored” of sitting in Circle Time. Now, in a Montessori preschool, kids are trusted to choose their own work and, to some extent, wander the classroom looking for what suites them best.

So off Landon went; wandering. When what to his mischievous eyes should appear, but a bowl of ground cornmeal perched at the edge of a counter top.

Now, let me pause amidst this woesome tale to ask you this: if you were a four-year-old boy, and if you (apparently unobserved by the teachers) spotted a bowl full of cornmeal, what would you do with it?

Well Landon, he decided it’d be a good idea to dump the whole bowl onto the floor of the classroom. Just as those Health Inspectors were walking through the front door.

Apparently the head teacher was able to create some diversion; routing the inspectors to the school office for a few moments while another teacher cleaned up the mess but, believe-you-me, they were collectively none too happy with our little boy.

And poor Andrew got the brunt of it when he showed up on his lunch hour to pick Landon up. Worst of all, as the teacher described to Andrew the debacle of the day, she ended by saying, “and, it seems that Landon thinks this whole thing is funny.

Of course he thought it was funny. He’s four. He’s a boy. His mischievous by nature.

Now, I know it was a poor choice our kid made to dump the cornmeal onto the floor. I know he should have kept his cute little bottom planted on the rug; classmates flanking him on each side. I know he’s gotten in trouble at school before, like when he intentionally peed on the cubby room couch, or when he broke a glass plate while using it as a steering wheel.

But, come on! Since when was it a good idea to leave a bowl full of cornmeal out in plain view of twenty, 2 1/2 to 4-year-olds?

Yes, Andrew assured the teacher we’d sufficiently address the issue with our son. And yes, we gave Landon a bit of a talking to. But, if I am to apply a lesson here that I constantly teach my Lamaze class parents when talking about household safety for a baby, and my CPR class students in general: prevention works way better than reaction.


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3 responses to “Busted!

  1. I love how teachers blame things on the kids. My kid has gotten busted a million times for talking, but according to him the teacher provides nothing to do for the kids that are able to finish their lesson. They are just supposed to sit there. I know he should be polite and fold his hands in his lap and stare quietly at the chalkboard. When will the public school system get it through their thick heads that there are intelligent, curious, active, growing children that CANNOT JUST SIT THERE.

    Sorry, didn’t mean to yell.

    I just think it’s pathetic for those educated adults being PAID to handle the situation to blame a four year old for normal four year old behavior.

    Why would the health department freak about a spilled bowl of cornmeal anyway? If the rest of the place was in order I’ll bet they may have thought it was funny, if the teacher had been wise enough to just laugh it off.

  2. Cheryl Peterson

    Makes a strong case for home schooling.

  3. Umm, yeah what on earth was a bowl of cornmeal sitting in plain view, heck I’d tip it over too. It’s always easier to blame a child. Of course he was going to tip it over! Silly school!

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