Eco-Friendly, Conscious-Friendly Gift Giving Ideas

Yesterday morning, on NPR’s Weekend Edition with Scott Simon, a brief story about how to reduce waste during the holidays aired.  I LOVED the ideas such as:  instead of using TONS of non-recycleable holiday wrapping paper, hide children’s  (unwrapped) gifts around the house, create a treasure map, and have the children hunt for their gifts…for adults, use newspaper or brown paper bags cut open to wrap gifts, or even just a pretty (reusable) bow!

In response to my post on the Story of Stuff a few days ago, yoga instructor-extraordinaire Margaret Burns-Vapp blogged about her decision to give experiences this holiday season.  Check out Margaret’s ideas here.

What are you doing this holiday season to go a littler greener (and, in so doing, teach your children how to celebrate the holiday season while generating less waste) ?


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3 responses to “Eco-Friendly, Conscious-Friendly Gift Giving Ideas

  1. That’s so funny! I just posted a guest post written by my sister talking about eco-friendly holidays… great minds run in the same vein, as my mother says! (And by great minds, I humbly refer to you and my sister, not myself, of course! 🙂 )

  2. liz

    This Christmas, my husband and I decided to recruit artists; calligrapher, photographer to make some our presents. People love receiving homemade gifts! We also contacted local, family owned restaurants (no chains!) near our relatives and bought them gift certificates for a night out to dinner. This is great because not only are we supporting family owned businesses, but giving a gift of food which goes away! Gifts that ‘go away’ and do not leave extra waste are my favorite!! I did, of course, hit Nordstrom. But, found Kiehl’s eco-friendly lotion for my sister and she can bring the container back for a refill to her Kiehl’s store in NYC. The cashmere scarf for my husband was wrapped in Sunday’s newspaper-comic section!!
    Check out where Gwenyth Paltrow shares easy, eco-friendly recipes, gifts, clothes and places to see.
    Merry Christmas!

  3. Coming from someone who recently received one of those handmade gifts from Liz, I can tell you JUST HOW APPRECIATED that type of gift is! “Treasured” doesn’t begin to describe it…

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