Man Up

I am a fan of Writer Dad. I adore his writing; his wit, his charm, his way with words.

When I read his guest post on the Art of Manliness blog, I felt a standing ovation surging forth from deep within me.

You see, my husband and I have two boys. If there are a few things I know we both aim to teach our children, they include things like honesty, choosing the higher road, respect, using manners by second nature, and the like.

Sean Platt’s words of manliness not only speak to the virtues I hope to see all our children espouse as they grow older, but they also echo the characteristics that I so appreciate in the man of our household.


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2 responses to “Man Up

  1. As always Kimmelin, thank you. You are too kind. That’s one of my favorite posts ever, on my site or otherwise. I wrote it for my grandpa and my son, ninety-five years apart. My little guy has a lot to live up to, but he is well on his way. Thanks again.

  2. Writer Dad,

    One of my MAJOR pet peeves is observing children who, in my estimation, are old enough to know better, lacking basic manners: holding doors open for others, saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you.’ It’s nice to know their are still a few other parents out there who value this element of child rearing and, in so doing, widening the definition of “man” (or, for that matter, “woman”) for our children.

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