Think Before You Buy

I’ve seen it before. I may have even posted on it before. But, this holiday season, as we don our credit cards and check books and head out for some furious shopping, I urge you to think seriously about what you buy–and give–for Christmas.

Please take the time (fifteen minutes out of your day is nothing compared to the message this video delivers) to watch The Story of Stuff. Think about where the items you purchase on a daily basis come from.

Think about the fact that, here in America, 99% of what we purchase ends up in the garbage or the “unused” shelf somewhere in our home within six months of purchase.

Think about the fact that manufactures and retailers depend on the fact that poorly made products will break or fall out of fashion sooner than next quarter’s credit card statement will hit your mailbox and, in so doing, prompt you to go out and buy more stuff.

Think about the messages contained in television and print advertising: You Suck. You suck unless you buy the latest shoes, purse, clothing, car, television, stereo, computer…you get the picture.

Think about the quality of your purchase…and the externalities required to get your purchase onto a store shelf, and into your home or under your Christmas tree.

Watch the video. Think. Think a lot. I have. I am. What do you think?



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2 responses to “Think Before You Buy

  1. Cheryl Peterson

    Also think before you contribute to global deforrestation! And buy American whenever possible.

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