Celebrating A Child’s Inventiveness

If you’ve been hanging around here for a while now, you’ll know that I occasionally post on the curiosity, ingenuity and inventiveness of my children.  Truly, I think witnessing the burgeoning creativity of a child is one of the greatest honors of parenthood.  If you’ve also read my book, you’ll understand how healing and rejuvenating celebrating a child’s imagination can be (in my opinion and experience).

This past week, while keeping our daughter home from school for her THIRD BOUT OF HEAD LICE (and the school’s principal insists it’s not coming from school…hhhmmm…) the three kids and I just spent time together…playing…inventing…exploring.  In a fit of creative exuberance, my daughter came up with this:



No, these ain’t no Marc Jacobs or Gucci…but wow, was I impressed!  They reminded me of the boiled wool slippers from Kurdistan I saw the other day at an art show.  Just…not quite so…waterproof.

What’s your favorite invention that one of your kiddos came up with?



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2 responses to “Celebrating A Child’s Inventiveness

  1. The only thing I can think of right now is all the things they do with boxes. Sit in them like cars, hide behind them as shields for the attacking aliens, cart stuff around in them, wear them as hats, etc.

    That sucks about the lice! We dealt with that a couple of years ago, so I understand the nightmare. I think the only way we got rid of them (during bout number two, after having poison-shampooed the adult lice again) was by spending an hour or more each day for like a week or so going through every strand of hair and actually cutting off the strands that had eggs attached (because too often when I’d find an egg I’d try to just pull it off and then I’d lose track of it.)

    Anyway, best of luck. I’m sorry the school is in denial.

  2. Elena,

    Thanks for the ‘best of luck’ on the lice issue. It’s been fairly miserable….scouring the household THREE TIMES in the past 2 1/2 months: vacuuming every conceivable soft surface, putting toys, pillows, backpacks out to freeze, washing EVERY stinking piece of clothing in bleach…brushing, brushing, brushing hair with those horrible metal-toothed combs…using that awful shampoo…UGH!!! It’s is, however, comforting to know other parents have been through the nightmare and lived to tell about it!

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