Teaching Numbers Through the Art of Rhyming

As our four-year-old son works to polish off his mastery of numbers 1-10, his preschool teacher recommended we spend extra time helping him with the most frequent offenders:  numbers 6, 8 and 9.  While brainstorming a way to help him keep clear on the symbols that represent six, eight and nine, I came up with the following:

Mr. Six

Mrs. Eight

Mr. Nine


How do you  (or did you) teach your children to memorize their numbers???



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2 responses to “Teaching Numbers Through the Art of Rhyming

  1. Through repetition, but you my lady are awesome. Those are really cool rhymes.

  2. I agree, very cool idea. I think the visual combined with the spoken rhyme is particularly helpful to come at it from a couple of angles.

    I don’t remember! My little dude of course doesn’t know his numbers, but his older sister (6 years) sings the numbers in her own little happy song sometimes, so I am wondering if the others just taught each other… but how did I teach the first? It was so long ago! 🙂

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