We The People by Sean at Writer Dad

Today is our election day.  These words aren’t what I’d planned.
But here I am with all these thoughts.  I guess I’ll raise my hand.

I won’t get into right or wrong, or who I think should win.
Just take a look at what we need.  Our choice is pretty thin.

Our country doesn’t need a tweak, it needs an overhaul.
And if we don’t address it soon, we’ll smash into a wall.

Our education lies in fragments, shattered on the floor.
We the people must declare that we won’t take it any more.

Social Security is a joke, but not of the HA-HA kind.
How can we cast a careful vote, and keep it absent from our mind?

The economy… I shouldn’t start.  I might not ever stop.
Didn’t we all know the other shoe was bound to drop?

Now what I am about to say, I admit it’s touchy stuff,
but I don’t think that either guy can really do enough….

For the remainder of this poem, visit Writer Dad here.

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One response to “We The People by Sean at Writer Dad

  1. Aw shucks, thanks. I’m really glad I ran that. I wrote it on the way home from taking my daughter to school yesterday. No joke. One edit. When something needs to be said, it spills like blood from a cut.

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