Halloween, Parties and Toys, Oh My!

I’m still recovering from this past weekend’s birthday-Halloween extravaganza.  With uncharacteristically warm weather this time of year, (normally Halloween in Montana means layering long johns under costumes and covering the remainder of Batman or Princess Unicorn with heavy winter coats) we reveled in trick-or-treating without the discomfort of numb fingers and toes.

The next day, we celebrated Landon’s fourth birthday further with a party including kids from the neighborhood, preschool and his cousins.  We played outside (again, a rare event for a Nov. 1 birthday party in these parts!) played “pin the spider on the web” and I even managed to not make the World’s Ugliest Birthday Cake:


(Ok, ok…I said not the world’s ugliest…I know I’m not destined for a career in cake decorating!)

As we strive to gradually change out our children’s toy collection from cheep, plastic, noise-making, imaginationeless junk to high quality, imagination-inspiring TOYS…Andrew and I were thrilled to partner with our parents to bring in a whole armamentarium of Plan City Toys on the occasion of Landon’s birthday:




The thing about these toys is…they’re well made, carefully crafted, imagination-encouraging TOYS.  They’re not chemical off-gassing, lead paint-harboring, reading to break upon the first drop of a toddler’s hand toys.  I suppose you could call them heirloom toys.  Our boys…they just call them FUN.

Happy Birthday, Ro-Ro!  We love you!!!


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  1. Amy Atkinson

    I love Plan Toys, as well. They will send replacement parts free of charge.

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