Happy Birthday, Halloween Baby!

Today, Landon turns four-years-old.  I’m sitting here at 4:30am, looking at a pile of presents awaiting his wakening…wooden construction trucks and a crane set…a little train from his baby brother, and a Ken doll from his big sister.  (I’ll have to explain that one in another post.)

Half of the wrapped presents…he’s already seen.  He stole away into the house yesterday while I was outside cleaning the car.  When I called and called his name and couldn’t find him, I figured he was up to some secretive no-good which is pretty much the only time he refuses to answer when someone is calling his name.

I found Landon behind his closed bedroom door, frantically cramming the Plan City construction trucks…removed from the cardboard shipping box where they sat on the kitchen counter, tempting  him for the past two days…into his bean bag cover.  The speed of his work and determined look in his eye told me two things:  he was hording birthday gifts, and he was determined to go un-caught.

But he was caught.  And damn, if it isn’t difficult to decide what to do in a situation like that.

Landon, Mr. Silly, Funny, Mischievous, Loving, Curious, Adrenaline Junkie Hull is…all those things and more.  And he’s sincere.  And, despite all the characteristics listed above, he’s really quite sensitive when it comes to getting in trouble.  And I didn’t really want to bust him for secretly opening a present early.


So, I took the toys from him, made him sit on the front porch while I finished the car…and laughed secretly to myself over the ingenuity I caught him employing as he frantically tried to squirrel away his booty.  And then Andrew and I re-wrapped the gifts and set them with all the others.

Landon, famous for introducing the word “focustrate” to us all the other day; who in all sincerity while driving to preschool yesterday attempted to explain to me how traffic cones at a road construction site re-route traffic:  “Mom, those cones over there are for separizing the instruction roads.”  Landon, who is the epitome of energy, laughter, silliness and joy, who told his grandparents the other day, “you know, I love Curious George, because he’s curious…and so am I!”  Landon, who was once caught piercing a paring knife through the Pack N Play where his infant brother was lying just because it seemed like an interesting thing to do…Landon, who loves to go to Home Depot and “ride tractors” (a.k.a sit on riding lawn mowers) as well as visit his godparents and drive a REAL tractor, ride Wrangler the horse, play with the dogs and belt out “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” into his godfather’s guitar studio microphone…is turning FOUR today.

Happy Birthday, Ro-Ro.  We love you.



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3 responses to “Happy Birthday, Halloween Baby!

  1. Ha! Focustrate again. Best new word. Happy Birthday little guy, I hope it is awesome and one.

  2. Jennifer

    Sorry that I forgot to mention it the other day… Happy Birthday Landon! I actually had thought about it a few days before Halloween and then the thought slipped through the pregnant parts of my brain again, not to be discovered until I read your blog. Hope his day was full of fun.

  3. Amy Atkinson

    A Halloween baby! My girls turned two on the 30th. I had begged the doctor to induce me on the 31st, but she was taking the day off. We, too, do the big Halloween birthday party. So much fun.

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