When the Kid Wants to Dress Himself…

What do you do when your kid wants to wear jeans that sag well below his butt, t-shirts with vulgar words and head wear that smacks of gang paraphernalia?

No idea.  Don’t ask me.  My kids are still into Spiderman, Princesses and Elmo.

Our almost four-year-old (he turns four on Halloween…yeah!!!) has gotten quite good at dressing himself these days.  Well, sort of.

See, ever since he had the capability to put his own shoes on, he’s quite nearly insisted they be placed on the wrong feet.  Once he reached an age of relative reasoning (I know…I know…he’s only almost four…that’s why I said ‘relative’)  I started asking him questions like:  “Don’t your feet feel uncomfortable with your shoes on that way?”  He’d always shake his head ‘no’ and run off to play.  And I’d let him keep his shoes on however he damn-well pleased, because I didn’t want to mess with the burgeoning independence thing.

But it’s not just his shoes.  When he dresses himself, which is most days now, he puts everything on backwards:  his t-shirt logos (construction trucks, robots and the like…no slang or gang lingo, thank you very much) face the back, his pants pockets are inaccessibly facing the wrong way…even his underwear (when he remembers to put it on) faces backwards.  But he’s proud as pudding when he comes out of his room in the morning–school outfit in place–and I just don’t have the heart to change it.  So off to preschool he goes, looking like a little white version of Kriss Kross.

Yesterday morning while rushing the kids through another rmorning routine before leaving for school drop-offs, I summoned him to join the rest of us in the bathroom for teeth brushing time.  Unable to decipher between the words “conncentrate” and “focus,” he called back from the opposite end of the house,

Mom! I’m trying to focustrate on putting on my shoes!

And you know what?  That time he got them on the right feet.



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6 responses to “When the Kid Wants to Dress Himself…

  1. Okay, focustrate is now in my vocabulary. Awesome.

  2. I love learning new words from my children…the little sponges of genius that they are!

  3. My kids have all done the wrong-foot shoe thing at the age of three or four. I find it uncanny that there is something in the brain that starts to flip things for awhile. If it were just a random mistake then sometimes the shoes would be on the right feet, but they do it every single time. Weird!

    Love the new word, by the way. I like how it also has a hint of “frustrate” in it, like when you are trying so hard and getting a bit worked up.

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  5. Cheryl Peterson

    Kids have a great command of words!

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