Good Samaritan Pays it Forward

Remeber the 1990 movie, Pay It Forward with Kevin Spacey, Helen Hunt and Haley Joel Osment?  Well, I came across a story on this morning boasting a real-life pay it forward story.  As you’re watching the following segment, I encourage you to ask yourself:  in these tough economic times, when we’re all pinching pennies a little bit more–some of us concerned about retirement portfolios, grocery budgets, gas prices and potential loss of jobs…what can each of us afford to do for someone else?  If we can afford… to take ourselves out to a movie, for a meal at McDonalds, a visit to the local museum, a new outfit from the clearance rack at Old Navy…what can we afford to do for one other person ?   What kind of impact can it have if each of us chooses one…two…maybe even three people to do something nice for, and in return, we only ask that they do the same for someone(s) else.

The man in the CNN video obviously had the wherewithall (or chose to have the wherewithall) to buy a bunch of people a tank of gasoline.  You may be reading this saying, “I couldn’t even begin to afford that,” but I ask you here today:  what CAN you afford to do for someone else?  In these tough times, it’s easy to see people stewing in their concerns over the economy and their own personal situations.  But just imagine what would happen if, as a society, we committed ourselves to turning our focus outward for the greater good?  Imagine the lift of the communal soul that would happen, by simply committing ourselves to paying it forward.

How can you  pay it forward today?

Embedded video from CNN Video


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