McCain-Obama Debate Number Two: My Two Cents

Even as I type, I can hear CNN’s Campbell Brown and Anderson Cooper, et al, in the background dissecting the second Obama-McCain debate and asking the dubious question, “so, who really won?”

I took copious notes during this debate (in between quieting my three kids with cups of milk, bananas and promises to find the brand-new and already lost toy train tomorrow morning); with great plans to construct the same type of overview as my last couple of posts.  And believe me, despite the fact that both candidates uttered the same stump speeches they have been in recent months, there was plenty of material there to work with.  But honestly, as my exasperation deepens with the election race, the debates, the economy and how it is affecting every stinking thing around us…I just don’t have the energy to come up with the satirical stuff I had fun with the last two times.  So here’s my Plain-Jane take on the debate tonight:

McCain’s “that one” comment, while jamming a thumb in the air in Obama’s direction was rude and condescending…as was his condescending comment to the town hall audience member; suggesting the gentleman probably hadn’t heard of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac before this past week…his week attempt at humor, (re: hair plugs: “heck, I may even need to get those some day) was ineffective at making him appear more human and less pent up and angry…and his incessant use of the phrase “my friends,” as if the people in that audience were his friends was annoying and fake.

And Obama wasn’t necessarily faultless either.  He repeatedly went over the time limit that both campaigns apparently worked stringently to agree upon and enforce, he often refused to answer the question posed by Tom Brokaw or an audience member…but I have to say…he seemed a heck of a lot more REAL…less contrived and scripted.

And what was with the format of the “debate?”  How could that be called a “Town Hall Debate” when the audience members were practically made to sit on their hands lest they attempt to participate too much in a discussion that historically has INVOLVED the audience members? 

And how about McCain’s comment, in regard to handling foreign affairs–specifically the Middle East–that we, as a country can’t afford to have someone in office that would be “learning on the job?”  HOW ABOUT HIS OWN CUTESY, FOLKSY, PUPPET RUNNING MATE, SARAH PALIN?  Talk about the potential for someone in office to have to learn on the job!  If nothing else, she’d need to start with learning the real distance between Alaska and Russia…not to mention the fact that dinosaurs lived on earth about 65 MILLION years ago…not four thousand years ago…and perhaps the name of a national newspaper or two couldn’t hurt.

And while I’m at it, and obviously getting myself more riled up than I thought I had the energy for:
McCain’s BS comment about his ability to take out Osama Bin Laden, “oh, I know how to take him out.  Don’t you worry, I know how to do that…”  Well, Senator McCain, if you “know how to do that”, then why haven’t you shared your precious secretwith the present administration over the past eight years and assisted them in that apparently simply task?  (A simple task that is apparently as menial as fixing the failing social security system…which he also referred to as an easy problem to fix.)

Ok, that’s it.  That’s GOTTA BE IT for a while.  The political stuff, that is.  If ya’all remember, I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I would rarely use this virtual pulpit to express my political views.  But there’s just been too much fodder lately to avoid it.  I’ve fallen into the depths of liberal docterine and I can’t get up!  Help!  Someone pull me out…

So next post:  onto motherhood and writing.  That’s where the really good stuff is, anyway.  Right?  (especially since I’ve nearly completed the first draft of my second book…now there’s some good stuff to write about!)

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One response to “McCain-Obama Debate Number Two: My Two Cents

  1. I think if we don’t talk about it and get it out of our system then it is all even more insidious. You know? If we just let them talk and we never analyze and give our personal reactions, then we may as well just be robots.

    Anyway, I for one am enjoying hearing your thoughts.

    (And congrats on the draft! That IS some good news!)

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