Matt Damon and Jack Cafferty on Sarah Palin

Couldn’t have said it better myself…
Check out Jack Cafferty and Matt Damon’s take on potential Vice President Palin… 



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8 responses to “Matt Damon and Jack Cafferty on Sarah Palin

  1. Thanks for those links.

    I realized after talking to my mom this past weekend that I’ve stuck my head in the sand after the VP debate when Palin did far better than I thought/hoped she would. I did not realize how much that had scared me, especially after the outcomes of the last two presidential elections.

    It is good to hear some voices of reason. I hope lots of people are listening to these same videos. Maybe I will brave the debate tonight and hope that McCain doesn’t make too many “terrorist neighbor” references.


  2. Cheryl Peterson

    Matt Damon is not someone I would listen too on any serious topic. As a marginal actor he is not the brightest light on the tree.

  3. Hmmmm… Matt Damon as a marginal actor, that’s a new take. Does his Oscar win for screenplay writing earn him any credit? What does a person have to accomplish to be considered a bright light?

  4. I quite agree with Elena: being a “marginal actor,” as described by Cheryl, does not suggest how bright or dim a person in real-life is, nor whether or not they ought to be taken seriously.

    And as for Damon’s interview: in the ❤ minute segment shown in this original post, he is leagues ahead of Palin in terms of poignancy, presentation, wit and choice of words. If it is even reasonable to suggest that Matt Damon is dim, marginal and unworthy of being taken seriously based on this interview excerpt…what does this say about the person of whom he was speaking?

  5. Cheryl Peterson

    Sorry. I thought writing screenplays and acting were two different things. Oh wait, they are! I think Sarah is getting sold short. She is mother, a gov, a wife and a care giver to a downs baby. You might want to cut her some slack. Remember she is running for Vice President, not President. And if you vote based on “what if something happens to McCain” you are very short sighted. Has anyone ever voted based on what if the President dies? I hope not. Sara is getting chewed up by the press because its a good diversion to keep us from thinking about someone else who does not have the skill set or experience to be Commander in Chief. Obama & Sarah BOTH share that problem. But only one of them is actually running for President.

  6. It is true we shouldn’t vote just on a VP candidate. However, it definitely needs to be part of a voters overall decision process. That is why a President’s VP choice is so important.

    It is short sighted not to consider the prospect. 9 VP’s have become President because the President was assassinated, died of health reasons or removed from office.

    John Tyler
    Millard Fillmore
    Andrew Johnson
    Chester Arthur
    Theodore Roosevelt
    Calvin Coolidge
    Harry Truman
    Lyndon Johnson
    Gerald Ford

    There have been 43 presidents. This means we have a ~20% chance of a VP assuming office.

  7. Andrew has an excellent point. But even if no Vice President had ever become President, simply the fact that the whole purpose of the VP is to be ready to take over if something should happen to incapacitate the President dictates that a voter should judge the VP on their leadership qualities. It is short sighted to vote in a VP without considering this vitally important possibility and simply waste one’s vote because you feel sorry for the candidate and want to cut them some slack.

  8. Looking at our country’s historical data–that which suggests there is a ~ 20% chance a VP will become president, as pointed out by Andrew–that alone would push me toward voting for Obama-Biden vs. McCain-Palin. In the event of an impeachment, debilitating health issue or assasination, I would much rather see Joe Biden take over the presidency, than Sarah Palin.

    In a time when our country’s world-wide popularity rating is worse than it ever has been before…when things like impeachment and assassinations are not a far cry from the possible…you can bet I’ll be voting based on my opinions of BOTH candidates on each ticket.

    As far as Sarah Palin goes: my original post had nothing to do with attacking her as an individual. Yes, she is a mother. Yes, she is the govenor of a small (population-wise) state. Yes, she is raising a child with Down’s Syndrome. All these things are commendable in and of themselves. But those things do not make her qualified to hold the position of Vice President of the United States.

    When making a voting decision on an individual who could potentially find themselves in the position of being the next runner up to the office of Commander in Chief, I can’t, in good conscience, cut ANYONE slack.

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