Guest Post–The Effects of Other People on Your Writing

I received an interesting message the other day from one of my dedicated readers of this blog. Seeing as I just returned from my own vacation (to the Glacier National Park area…I’ll write more on that later!) with extended family, I found her comments interesting, and wanted to (with her approval) share it with ya’all:

Hey Kimmelin,

So, I’ve just gotten home from a trip to the beach with my husband’s side of the family. I have to admit, right off the bat, my expectations of what I would get out of the trip were probably totally and completely skewed. I brought my computer along with me, hoping to get some writing in during the mornings or evenings when my kids were still sleeping and everyone else was either winding up for…or winding down from the day. But what I didn’t count on was how being around that many people…with that many different personalities and energy levels would affect my writing capabilities! As the week went on, my writing muse went down the drain. There I was, in a beautiful Pacific Ocean beach atmosphere…my kids were happily immersed in days’ worth of playing (and sometimes fighting) with their cousins… occasionally tended to by one of their aunts or uncles or grandparents…I didn’t have to prepare every stinking meal of the day…but my attempts at writing totally and completely sucked! I was so frustrated! I had assumed being on vacation in a lovely setting would be all the impetus I needed to get the new book I’m working on really going…but boy, was I sadly mistaken!

Have you ever experienced this? Not the exact scenario described above, of course. But the fact that the setting and surrounding people can affect your writing so drastically?

Thanks for lending an e-ear.

~ C.D.

Dear C.D.,

Yes, I know exactly what you mean.

Because my writing tends to take place during every nanosecond of spare time I can squeak out of my 24/7 Mommy-on-Call status, I had always thought I could write “anywhere, anytime.” That is, after all, how I have come into my own craft of writing. But I too have had the occasional experience during which the setting, or the surrounding crowd have zapped every creative juice in my body…leaving me dryer than an emptied well in December. My advice? Leave your computer behind next time. Bring a notebook and a couple of really good gel pens along, in case an amazing sentence or paragraph hits…so you don’t lose it…but otherwise, just plan to resume the writing gig when you’re back in your safe place. It’ll save you a lot of writer’s heartache and frustration.

Good luck.


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