Business Week Working Parents article

Listen to any financial guru being interviewed on the radio or television, and they will all say the same thing:  we still are not technically in a recession.  Our country is yet to post two consecutive quarters of negative growth; despite the disasters that have come of the housing market crash, fuel and grocery prices, and escalating utility bills.  And still, despite the fact that we, as a collective nation, are feeling a pretty hefty dose of financial strain, it still doesn’t hold a candle to what life was like for most families during The Great Depression.

I don’t know about you, but I’m awfully thankful for that.

I had the opportunity to chime in on what our family is doing to conserve resources, save money, and ride out this relative financial storm–considering , most sources don’t expect a significant upswing until well into next year.  Visit Lauren Young’s Business Week – Working Parents article from 7/25 to read more.

What are you and your family doing to cut costs, make changes, and weather this financial storm?


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2 responses to “Business Week Working Parents article

  1. Unfortunately, we are not in a position to cut any costs. We have been in financial survival mode since before the recession, and in fact, that is how I’ve lived my entire adult life. The current recession has just put the dream of climbing out of poverty a bit further out of reach than it was previously.

    Sorry to post a downer comment, but it is kind of liberating to be able to express it, when all around me I hear people so sad that they can only take two vacations this year, or that they are bummed that they can’t afford to buy the latest car.

    On the plus side, I’ve got lots of skills to survive! And maybe now more people will understand what life is like for a good portion of Americans most of the time.

  2. Elena,

    Your reply is not a downer. It is reality. And you’re right. A MAJORITY of Americans don’t take two vacations…and struggle to balance finances on a regular basis. the Hollywood chic persona is so overwhelmingly NOT representative of the masses.

    I think, in truth, this economic down turn is actually a great thing for our countyr. We need a collective reminder that spending beyond our means is not acceptable, and can have severe ramifications when practiced by too many.

    And isn’t it refreshing to know that we CAN survive 1,000 times more simply than what we are led to believe by marketers, advertisers and big box store chains?

    Keep your head up, dear. You’ve already got the financial management skills that many others are scrambling to come by.

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