Mother Nature’s Fury in a Matter of Minutes…

I love my flowers.  Ask Andrew.  I love to feed them, water them, watch them grow inch by inch.  I take pride in my garden.  I don’t use chemicals.  I don’t Weed N’ Feed the yard.  I just  love them a whole lot.

This is what my garden was beginning to look like this year:

On Tuesday night, we had the biggest thunder and hail storm anyone around these parts can remember ever seeing in their collective memory.  With winds up to 80pmh and half-inch hail stones blowing sideways, people suffered multiple broken windows in their homes.  Stripped siding on their houses.  Trees were downed in the middle of roads and on power lines.  Roads were flooded with water and floating hail…in a matter of MINUTES.  Storm drains clogged almost instantly.  Store parking lots were turned into miniature lakes, with water sitting at two feet deep.

Now, before I go on, I will fully disclaim that I am aware this was NOTHING like what people suffer in the midst of hurricanes, tornados and typhoons.  We consider ourselves INCREDIBLY lucky.  After all, it was really only my garden that took the beating, in our household.  But, here’s what it looks like now:

(The trellaces in the back had been covered in dark purple and lavender clematis, with multi-colored lupin, lillies, alium and more in front.)

(This is a butterfly  bush that had been fully leafed out and ready to bloom.  Notice the pile of hail still sitting behind it.)

Hhhhm, bummer.  Oh well, there’s always next year!


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One response to “Mother Nature’s Fury in a Matter of Minutes…

  1. Ouch. I understand what a heartbreak this is! I’m so sorry.

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