Brain Travel

Last week, our five-year-old daughter received an invitation to a Princess Birthday Party for a little girl  she’d attended preschool with a few months ago.  Ellie was beyond ecstatic to the point of being obsessive about the party.  During the five day wait for the said event, she made multiple birthday cards and home-made gifts for the birthday girl.  She talked about the party incessantly.  She set out her outfit for the party three days in advance.  And her brothers’ too.  (She really struggled between dressing as Snow White or Cinderella.)

The party was scheduled for Friday afternoon at 3:30.  Because I knew I’d be taking all three kids to the party with me alone…to a new family’s house…along with lots of other families I wouldn’t know…I wanted to make sure the kids all got plenty of rest time prior to the shin-dig.

As Ellie retreated into her room for Quiet Time, she came up with a brilliant plan:  a way to help her bide the remaining 2 1/2 painstaking hours, before we could leave for the party.

“Mommy!  I just had a great idea!  I’ll send part of my brain over to Sophia’s house and go and…you know…watch what they’re doing to get ready for the party!  Then I’ll know what’s going to happen at the party even before we get there!”

Since when did five-year-olds understand the concepts of time travel and out of body experiences?

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  The girl really freaks me out sometimes.


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