Dirty Little Secrets

Remember Trish Ashworth and Amy Nobile, co-authors of the book, I Was a Really Good Mom Before I Had Kids?  Well, they’ve got a new book out: Dirty Little Secrets From Otherwise Perfect Moms. By the title alone, I can tell you this book is right up my alley.

MSN’s Lifestyle web page featured a brief article on Ashworth and Nobile’s new book.  And I have to say, I couldn’t be happier that more women, like myself, are raising the bar on Mom Honesty.

From a personal perspective, I have to say that the “dirty little secrets” I revealed in A Dozen Invisible Pieces was not only extremely healing for me, but are apparently appreciated and healing for other women as well.

And the added bonus:  since allowing myself to be HONEST about the really tough parts of motherhood, and after pressing on through some extremely difficult chapters in our family’s life together, I have begun to enjoy the journey of being a mom exponentially more.

So, what’s your dirty little secret from parenthood?



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2 responses to “Dirty Little Secrets

  1. Aside from the little things like, I feel bad when I feed my kids corndogs instead of making something healthy, or when I don’t read them all the books they want every time because I want some time to surf the internet, the only really dirty thing I can think of is just enjoying being a mom and housewife. I feel like the way our society has evolved, most of us cannot afford to have only one parent earning the money, and so I feel like I should be helping out on that front, but I just want to do housework/mothering kinds of thing. And I feel like I am supposed to have “realworld” things to show, like a career and outside world accomplishments, and I feel bad that I don’t care about that kind of stuff. I keep trying to figure out how to bridge the private/public divide, and maybe earn some money in the process, but I feel like it just distracts me from what I am supposed to be doing.

  2. Elena,

    Your reply here is poignant, and well-stated. And kuddos to you for your solidarity in your one mission right now: being a mother.

    Of course not all women feel that 100% satisfaction in domesticity. While the financial thing is definitely a commonality (doesn’t every stay-at-home parent feel, at one time or another, that they’d like to contribute to the family piggy bank a bit more) some mothers I know maintain a career just because they are better at that, than being with their kids all day. Or because their job pays more than the other person’s. Or because they are single moms and have no choice. Sometimes a mom chooses to work part time to “exercise that other side of her brain” which lends her personal satisfaction, and resultantly, makes her a better mother.

    There are so many scenarios that a mom can persue… I guess it just comes down to personality, opportunity, prioritization and, finally, choice.

    This issue about how to balance work vs. kids vs. personal growth…it’s been a constant battle for me.

    Five years into motherhood, I feel like I’ve finally found that balance.

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