Road Trippin’

I’m two hours away from attempting the nearly unthinkable:  taking a six hour road trip with all three kids…alone.

Andrew left on a business trip yesterday.  I’m heading down to San Diego in a few days to do some book promotional work.  In between now and Wednesday, I need to get my children to their grandparents’ house, where they will enjoy a week at “Camp Nana and Poppa’s” (and I will enjoy a week…all the while missing my ruffians…of book signings, book club gatherings, cocktails parties, long workouts and more).

So I spent an hour and a half last night strategically packing the car…mostly with toys, coloring books, snacks and books that will hopefully keep the kids occupied for several hours at a time.  I even borrowed a friend’s DVD player to use in the event that things become really desperate.

And yes, I remembered to throw my James Blunt and Goo Goo Dolls CDs in for me!

So, please send us good vibes for safe travels…and I’ll keep you posted on how San Diego goes!



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2 responses to “Road Trippin’

  1. got your book and can’t wait to start reading it! I only have one kiddo and road trips make me nervous just thinking about them!

  2. I’m happy to announce, all went well with the six hour drive. The kids were totally and completely amazing…the weather was gorgeous…we stopped for two hours at our mid way point where the kids got to climb around at a playground…ride a carousel…it couldn’t have gone better!

    I’m off to San Diego tomorrow. Looking forward to being down there…despite the fact the baby is having major separation anxiety the moment I leave the room. Can’t imagine what he’s going to do the first day I’m gone. Ugh…

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