What would we do without our mentors?  What would we do without our parents, teachers, neighbors…the folks of the generation that came before us?  The folks that have, for all intensive purposes, gleaned a little more  wisdom out of life than we have yet had the opportunity to pick up?

In Andrew Blechman’s Leisurville,he gets around to asking these questions while mostly painting a bright and colorful picture of the goings-on in communities like The Villages in Florida and Sun City in Arizona–where thousands of retirees live in communities that disallow children (under 19) as permanent residents.

I actually have yet to read Blechman’s book.  But there’s been plenty of hype out there to get a good gist of what the book is about. 

If you’ve read my book, you know the issue of support from extended family is a hot topic for me, as I struggle my way through early parenthood.  Upon receiving my copy of Leisureville, I’ll be curious to see if Blechman touches on this topic as much as I seem to ruminate on it these days.

Have you read Leisureville?  If so, what did you think?  Even if not, what is your opinion on the apparent age segragation that is occurring (self induced, in many cases) in various pockets around our country?



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2 responses to “Leisureville

  1. liz

    I live in Henderson Nevada, right outside Las Vegas city limits. We are new parents and recently went on the search for in-home child care. I tried to call our local SunCity to post an ad for child care. I was basically looking for a Mary Poppins type for our daughter. I mean, who wouldn’t want a grandmother’s touch and love for their only child??! Especially since both my mother and mother in law are 2500 miles away, I figured I could find a substitute for Cate. I was alarmed to hear that I could not ‘post’ an ad in their clubhouse and neither could I advertise in their weekly newsletter which was only for the use of the residents to advertise. Talk about isolaing themselves! Another contingency my husband and I have is their Bocce ball courts. let me explain. My husband and I spent most of our first dates playing Bocce ball on the many lawns in Maryland where we are from. We desperately miss having a good patch of grass out here to play. Sun City has 4 very awesome Bocce courts…but we are not allowed to play on them because we not residents. We even offered to manage tournaments, have group play, and become involved as voluteers. Nope! They won’t let a young couple into their group. A shame! (Although they will take our $$ for tee times-strange). I wanted so much to play Bocce with the older crowd. It makes me think of my childhood playing with my grandfather and how he’s no longer with us. I could give SOOO much back to the residents at Sun City….cook meals, offer a friendly visit, talk politics, baseball, and motherhood. And likewise I need their mentorship and seasoned advice as my elders are so far away from me. I think its a shame they isolate themselves. It may be pure leisure, but not giving back to your community and opening up to the up and coming generations is sad. Its sad for our society.

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