Courage, Confessions and Spirituality

One of the several blogs I follow on a regular basis is Katherine Stone’s Postpartum Progress.  A majority of Katherine’s posts highlight articles about postpartum mood disorders (including postpartum depression, postpartum anxiety, postpartum obsessive-compulsive disorder, postpartum psychosis…) as well as insights into the PPMD experience, testimonials from other women who’ve suffered one of these conditions, and encouragement for the healing process.

Katherine has, up until now, avoided addressing spirituality in relation to this issue.  Today, she tackled it.  Please read her post, and then see my reply to her post, below:


Thank you for your courage and willingness to bring this particular part of the PPMD issue to light.

During my experience with prenatal depression, one could claim I was “not right with God.” I forsook Him.  I cussed him out on a regular basis.  The only prayers I offered Him were about how angry I was to find myself in that place – after having suffered and recovered from PPD after my previous child’s birth.

But I recovered.  With the help of medication, couseling, and the diligent presence of my husband, family, friends, and my priest.  She came to my home once a week.  I refused to pray with her.  She came anyway.

In retrospect, I now realize I am no less “right with God” now than I was then, or before the experience I described above.  God loved me enough to carry me through  that experience even when I didn’t believe that He was doing it.  I can’t think of a better example of unconditional love.


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