Hope, Resiliency and the Stupidity of Human Kind

I have a confession to make.

I have another writing gig going on.

It is what has caused my every-other-day posting to slow down, slightly.

The gig? It is the beginning of another book. A novel. All fiction.

Even as I continue working on the promotion of A Dozen Invisible Pieces and Other Confessions of Motherhood–now having sent out tons of money that I really don’t have to spend almost 20 media kits to various magazines, newspapers, bloggers and organizations, along with the hope and a prayer that one of these periodicals will publish a review on my book, I am already looking ahead to what comes next.

And what comes next is this: a story about hope, perseverance, real and perceived abandonment, the resiliency, generosity, selfishness and stupidity of human kind. It is about the grace that heals us, and the constitution that keeps us going. Oh–and this is all wrapped up in the experience of a seventeen-year-old boy who finds himself parentless six weeks before his eighteenth birthday.

I promise, it’s not going to be totally and completely sad, dark and morose. Remember the part about hope and resiliency?

So…I keep on turning the pages. And I hope you do too.


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